As part of our writing competition with Eurocamp, we asked our young explorers to tell us about an adventure they had in the holidays. Let’s hear what five-year-old runner-up Emilia thought about going camping.

Emilia and her aunty get cosy in the tent

I would like to tell you what I loved about my summer holidays most. I went camping in the woods near Oxford with my aunty and uncle and I had lots of fun.

First, my aunty put up a tent ️ for us to share. It was a tiny yellow tent and it was very cosy indeed. My uncle made yummy food on the fire. My favourite food to eat was toasted marshmallows. There were lots of games to play, too. I swung on a swing hanging on a tree branch and I went really high. It made my tummy funny. Another game we played was rabbit sticks. But what I loved the most was the treasure hunt.

I would like to go camping again next summer holidays. Next time I will know how to make a tent!

Congratulations to Emilia! Check out the winning entry here:

WINNER: Exploring Iceland, by Oscar Prior

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