Top ChoiceIndian in Eldoret

Sunjeel Palace

This formal, dark and spicy Indian restaurant serves superb, real-deal curries. Portion sizes are decent and if you mop up all the gravy with a freshly baked butter naan, you’ll be as satisfied as Ganesh himself.

National Park in Western Highlands

Mt Elgon National Park

Straddling the Ugandan border and peaking with Koitoboss (4187m), Kenya’s second-highest peak, and Uganda’s Wagagai (4321m), the slopes of Mt Elgon are a sight indeed – or at least they would be if they weren't...

Park in Kakamega Forest

Kakamega Forest National Reserve

All that's now left in Kenya of the massive Guineo–Congolian rainforest that once covered much of western Kenya, the Kakamega Forest National Reserve, though seriously degraded, is unique in Kenya and contains...

National Park in Western Highlands

Saiwa Swamp National Park

North of Kitale, the small, rarely visited Saiwa Swamp National Park is a real treat – as long as you're not here for the Big Five, this is a chance to tick off some real safari highlights. Originally set up to...

Park in Kakamega Forest

Kakamega Forest Reserve

Kakamega Forest Reserve is the more degraded area of the forest, yet it's the more popular area with tourists. The five-hour return hike to Lirhanda Hill for sunrise or sunset is highly recommended. An...

Museum in Kitale

Kitale Museum

Founded on the collection of butterflies, birds and ethnographic memorabilia left to the nation in 1967 by the late Lieutenant Colonel Stoneham, this museum has an interesting range of ethnographic displays of...

Sports Ground in Eldoret

High Altitude Training Centre

As a source for world-class athletes, the town of Iten, 36km northeast of Eldoret and 2400m above sea level, has few peers. Over the past three decades, it (and the St Patrick's High School in particular) has...

Museum in Kitale

Treasures of Africa Museum

This private museum is the personal collection of Mr Wilson, a former colonial officer in Uganda and quite a character. Based mainly on his experiences with the Karamojong people of northern Uganda, Mr Wilson’s...

Gardens in Kericho


Eight kilometres east of town, this tropical park is popular with weekend picnickers and colobus, vervet and red-tailed monkeys (best seen in the early morning). The main attraction is the shade afforded by the...

Kenyan in Kitale

Iroko Boulevard Restaurant

It’s got style, it’s got glamour, it’s got big-city aspirations and it’s totally unexpected in Kitale. With cheap dishes and an old Morris car hanging from the ceiling, this is the most popular place to eat in...

Cheese in Eldoret

Doinyo Lessos Creameries Cheese Factory

Dairy is one food group that many travellers really miss while in Kenya – paying a visit to this cheese factory should fix all that. They sell 20 different varieties of (both hard and soft) cheese, plus yoghurt,...

Landmark in Kakamega

Crying Stone of Ilesi

The Crying Stone of Ilesi is a local curiosity perched on a ridge 3km south of town. The formation, looking like a solemn head resting on weary shoulders, consists of a large boulder balanced atop a huge column...

Viewpoint in Kakamega Forest

Lirhanda Hill Lookout

Depending on where you're staying, it can be about a five-hour return hike to Lirhanda Hill. Being there for sunrise or sunset is highly recommended.

Viewpoint in Kakamega Forest

Buyangu Hill Lookout

It's a 4km drive or walk from the park entrance to Buyangu Hill, from where there are uninterrupted views east to the Nandi Escarpment.

Zoo in Kitale

Kitale Nature Conservancy

This place looks as if it was designed by Frankenstein after he converted to Christianity and dropped acid. Though you could come here for the picnic tables or play parks, the butterfly spotting or the...

International in Eldoret

Will’s Pub & Restaurant

Looks and feels like an English pub, with similarly heavyweight food – steak and fried breakfasts – but it also produces a few African dishes of the ugali (made from maize or cassava flour) and beef-stew ilk. The...

Kenyan in Kericho

Litny’s Restaurant

Along with New Sunshine Hotel, this is regarded as one of the better restaurants in town, though in truth the fried chicken and chips here were no different to the fried chicken and chips we ate elsewhere.

Market in Eldoret

Open-Air Fruit & Vegetable Market

The open-air fruit and vegetable market is a fun if rather odoriferous insight into the sort of markets where Kenyans do their weekly shopping, with not a curio stall in sight. It's a block south of the main...

Market in Kakamega


It's worth poking your nose into the town’s municipal market. It operates every day but is at its loudest on Saturday and Wednesday mornings when, as if by magic, people appear from all over the surrounding...

Supermarket in Kakamega


Kakamega's best supermarket has plenty of supplies as well as ready-made foods (including yummy samosas) in the deli and bakery.