Western Highlands restaurants

Top Choice Indian in Eldoret

Sunjeel Palace

This formal, dark and spicy Indian restaurant serves superb, real-deal curries. Portion sizes are decent and if you mop up all the gravy with a freshly baked butter naan, you’ll be as satisfied as Ganesh himself.
Kenyan in Kitale

Iroko Boulevard Restaurant

It’s got style, it’s got glamour, it’s got big-city aspirations and it’s totally unexpected in Kitale. With cheap dishes and an old Morris car hanging from the ceiling, this is the most popular place to eat in town.…
International in Eldoret

Will’s Pub & Restaurant

Looks and feels like an English pub, with similarly heavyweight food – steak and fried breakfasts – but it also produces a few African dishes of the ugali (made from maize or cassava flour) and beef-stew ilk. The bi…
Kenyan in Kericho

Litny’s Restaurant

Along with New Sunshine Hotel, this is regarded as one of the better restaurants in town, though in truth the fried chicken and chips here were no different to the fried chicken and chips we ate elsewhere.
Supermarket in Kakamega


Kakamega's best supermarket has plenty of supplies as well as ready-made foods (including yummy samosas) in the deli and bakery.