Archaeological Site in Nakuru

Hyrax Hill Prehistoric Site

This archaeological site, 4km outside Nakuru, is a great spot for a peaceful amble away from the rhinos and tourists. It contains a museum and the remains of three settlements excavated between 1937 and the late...

Viewpoint in Nakuru

Menengai Crater

With transport and 15 minutes to play with, you can be out of the grimy streets of Nakuru and standing on the rim of Menengai Crater, a 485m-high natural cauldron and local beauty spot. Outside of weekends, it's...

Kenyan in Nakuru

Hygienic Butchery

Great name, great place. The Kenyan tradition of nyama choma (barbecued meats) is alive and well here. Sidle up to the counter, try a piece of tender mutton or beef and order half a kilo (per person) of whichever...

Cafe in Nakuru

Moca Loca

Nakuru loves its coffee and Moca Loca is the new caffeinated kid in town. Located on the 2nd floor of a corner building, it's a stylish spot for people-watching; Parisian-style window boxes frame the booths....

Cafe in Nakuru

Java House

Located on the ground-floor terrace of Westside Mall, the Nakuru branch of the popular Java House coffee chain is probably the best place to eat in town, with a large menu of Tex-Mex, burgers, curries, wraps and...

Gallery in Nakuru


Lining the western side of the road on the approach to Lake Nakuru if you're coming from town, these eye-catching murals depict everyone from George and Joy Adamson and Jomo Kenyatta to Kenya's Nobel Peace Prize...

Cafe in Nakuru

Planet Fries

This quaint old diner does the usual chicken and choma plates, plus Indian variations. Outside on the pavement terrace, you'll sit on shabby blue parlour chairs, pushed up against checked tablecloths.