There is no formal tour structure in Kipini village and nobody really seems to know what to do with foreign tourists, but those willing to put up with some discomfort and misunderstandings will find plenty of opportunity for adventure here.

Boat Safaris

The most obvious thing to do here is a boat safari onto the great, greasy, green Tana River. There’s no thrill like that of being in a small boat, looking at a tree, then watching said tree slide into the water and realising it’s a crocodile. Canoe safaris are about KSh2000 for the day, but the problem is that most of the crocs and hippos are a fair way upriver and you won’t get very far very quickly in a canoe.

Therefore it’s better to hire a motor boat, but that’s going to cost you. We were quoted KSh6000 per hour with fuel and you’d best allow three hours to make it worthwhile.

Jannat House in Lamu has its own dhow and can theoretically organise a three- or four-day Tana River safari.