Southern Rift Valley drinking and nightlife

Cafe in Nakuru

Moca Loca

Nakuru loves its coffee and Moca Loca is the new caffeinated kid in town. Located on the 2nd floor of a corner building, it's a stylish spot for people-watching; Parisian-style window boxes frame the booths. Besides…
Sports Bar in Njoro

Njoro Country Club

It's worth stopping by to see who's propping up the bar at this old-fashioned country club. There's an ancient pool table, a piano, television, outdoor tables and a golf course. Simple meals are on offer and it's ge…
Cafe in Naivasha

Naivasha Coffee House

This sleek hole-in-the-wall coffee stop serves herbal teas, hot chocolate, frappuccinos and caramel concoctions, as well as – obviously – decent coffee. Find it opposite the petrol station at the Delamere Service St…
Cafe in Naivasha

Java House

This place is Kenya's version of Starbucks and locals love it. It's all there, from creative coffees, milkshakes and pastries to free wi-fi, and all served in a could-be-anywhere-shopping-mall setting. Even so, it's…
Club in Naivasha

Thrills Place

The least seedy of Naivasha's clubs, you'll find local DJs, a disco ball and dancing till dawn at this popular place. We'll let you decide if the name rings true.