Tourist Information in Lake Nakuru National Park

Main Gate Office

There's limited park information at the main gate office, although as it's a relatively recent installation, the plans for an information centre may happen in the not-too-distant future.
Bank in Naivasha


Foreign-exchange desk but queues can be long as you're in line with local market traders cashing their earnings and grandmothers counting out their coins.
Post in Naivasha

Post Office

Naivasha's local post office sells stamps and can take an age to get your postcards into the box – queues can be long and staff friendly if in no hurry.
Hospital in Naivasha

Aga Khan University Hospital Medical Centre

Naivasha's best medical facility, but for anything serious you're better off heading to Nairobi.
Hospital in Nakuru

Aga Khan University Hospital

Various lab and other diagnostic services including malaria tests, but no emergency services.
Tourist Information in Hell's Gate National Park

Elsa Gate Information Centre.

Park information is available at the information centre next to the main gate.
Bank in Naivasha


Internationally enabled ATM and a foreign-exchange desk for cash transactions.
Police in Lake Naivasha

Kongoni Police

The local police post is off the southwestern corner of the lake.
Tourist Information in Lake Bogoria

Lake Bogoria Reserve HQ

Limited information on the reserve is available here.
Bank in Nakuru


Reliable ATM and foreign-exchange desk.