Southern Rift Valley in detail


Eating options are limited to unexciting city-based options in Nakuru and Naivasha or hotel restaurants scattered around the lakeshore; most are open to non-guests and otherwise offer full-board packages to those staying overnight or longer. Lake Naivasha is an exception, with a handful of excellent independent choices.

Kikopey Nyama Choma Centre

It’s not often we give a cluster of restaurants their own coverage, but this agglomeration of roadside barbecued-meat stalls 31km north of Naivasha is famous throughout Kenya. Kikopey is a major truck stop and it's no surprise why. These places don’t survive long if their meat isn’t perfectly cooked. The restaurants closest to the road hassle new arrivals and try to draw you in. We keep returning to Acacia Restaurant, a little back from the main road, and find it outstanding. For those who think presidential power and culinary discernment go hand in hand, President Uhuru Kenyatta and his team stopped at Kahatia Restaurant while campaigning in May 2017. At any of these places, you’ll pay around KSh1300 for a well-provisioned goat leg.