Top ChoiceSpring in Tsavo West National Park

Mzima Springs

Mzima Springs is an oasis of green in the west of the park that produces an incredible 250 million litres of fresh water a day. The springs, whose source rises in the Chyulu Hills, provides the bulk of Mombasa’s...

Top ChoiceWildlife Reserve in Tsavo West National Park

Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary

At the base of Ngulia Hills, this 90-sq-km area is surrounded by a 1m-high electric fence and provides a measure of security for around 80 of the park's highly endangered black rhinos. There are driving tracks...

Top ChoiceMountain in Tsavo West National Park

Ngulia Hills

Rising more than 600m above the valley floor and to a height of over 1800m above sea level, this jagged ridgeline ranks among the prettiest of all Tsavo landforms, providing as it does a backdrop to Rhino Valley....

Top ChoiceLookout in Tsavo West National Park

Shetani Lava Flows

About 4km west of the Chyulu gate of Tsavo West National Park, on the road to Amboseli, are the spectacular Shetani lava flows. ‘Shetani’ means ‘devil’ in Kiswahili: the flows were formed only a few hundred years...

Viewpoint in Tsavo West National Park

Chaimu Crater & Roaring Rocks

Southeast of Kilaguni Serena Lodge, these two natural features offer stunning views of the Chyulu Hills and birds of prey circling high above the plains. The Roaring Rocks can be climbed in about 15 minutes; the...

Cave in Tsavo West National Park

Shetani Caves

Close to (and geologically part of) the Shetani Lava Flows, Shetani Caves are a result of volcanic activity. You’ll need a torch (flashlight) if you want to explore, but watch your footing on the razor-sharp...

Viewpoint in Tsavo West National Park

Poacher's Lookout

A short distance northwest of Severin Safari Camp, this hilltop vantage point offers fine views out over the park, and especially fine views west to the plains of the Amboseli ecosystem and Mt Kilimanjaro.

Lake in Tsavo West National Park

Lake Jipe

This lake (pronounced ji-pay) lies at the extreme southwestern end of the park and is reached by a desperately dusty track from near Taveta. You can hire boats at the campsite to take you hippo and crocodile...