Top things to do

Top Choice Seafood in Diani Beach


By far the most stylish place to eat in Diani, Sails is gorgeous: a canopy of billowing white canvas separates the restaurant from the stars, while waiters serve up fine food, including amazing seafood and inspired …
Top Choice Wildlife Reserve in Diani Beach

Colobus Conservation Centre

Notice the monkeys clambering on rope ladders over the road? The ladders are the work of the Colobus Conservation Centre, which aims to protect the Angolan black-and-white colobus monkey, a once-common species now r…
Top Choice Kenyan in Diani Beach


Lymington's sits right on the beach, within Kenyaways Kite Village. Lounge on the sofas beneath the magnificent baobab tree or take a breezy table overlooking the gorgeous white beach. Either way, order a plate of g…
Top Choice Bar in Diani Beach

Forty Thieves Beach Bar

A legendary beachside bar with sand floors and waves crashing on to the shore just metres from the long wooden bar, Forty Thieves is a Diani Beach institution and you'll find it busy with daytime drinkers at any tim…
Top Choice Seafood in Wasini Island

Charlie Claw's Restaurant

After a tiring morning watching fish in their natural habitat, what else to do but tuck in? Charlie's cooks up a seafood feast at lunch and dinner, including grilled crab and seared Swahili beef steaks. Afterwards, …
Forest in Diani Beach

Kaya Kinondo

This sacred forest of the Mijikenda is open to visitors daily. Guides will ask you to wrap a black sarong around your clothes, promise to refrain from kissing and leave nothing but footprints. The forest itself is h…
Mosque in Diani Beach

Kongo Mosque

At the far northern end of the beach road (turn right at the three-way intersection where the sealed road ends) is the 16th-century Kongo Mosque – Diani’s last surviving relic of the ancient Swahili civilisations th…
Italian in Diani Beach


This thoroughly authentic Italian restaurant is a mainstay among holidaymakers in Diani, and is a great place to enjoy an evening out among the local Italian diaspora. Also good to pick up a pizza to takeaway.
Wildlife Reserve in South of Mombasa

Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary

This sanctuary is a good example of community-based conservation with local people acting as stakeholders in the project. It was opened in October 1995 to create a corridor along an elephant migration route between …
National Park in South of Mombasa

Shimba Hills National Reserve

This park is among the easiest to visit in Kenya, within spitting distance of Diani Beach and possible to explore on foot. Its gentle grassy hills are interspersed with patches of forest which together provide a hom…