Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Nairobi


Utamaduni is a large crafts emporium and easily one of the best places to souvenir shop in Nairobi, with more than a dozen separate shops selling all kinds of excellent African artworks and souvenirs. Prices start r…
Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Nyali Beach

Bombolulu Workshops & Cultural Centre

This non-profit organisation produces crafts of a high standard and gives vocational training to physically disabled people. Visit the workshops and showroom to buy jewellery, clothes, carvings and other crafts. The…
Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Nairobi


Some of Kenya's more creative artists, photographers, leatherworkers and other high-quality artisans and artists have come together under one roof – the result is one of Kenya's most discerning shopping experiences.…
Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Nanyuki

Lily Pond Arts Centre

You could easily spend an afternoon here, browsing the galleries of contemporary art, eating at its fine cafe, then shopping for truly original African crafts. There's handcrafted furniture, beaded sandals, flip-flo…
Top Choice Fashion & Accessories in Kilifi


Walk through a field of donkeys to reach this home-run design store of international reputation. You'll find stylish leather bags adorned with Maasai-style beading (from KSh9860), belts (from KSh3500) and sandals. P…
Market in Nairobi

Tuesday Maasai Market

Busy, popular Maasai markets are excellent shopping experiences and move location around the city according to the day of the week. Locations change regularly. Currently markets are held every Tuesday at the Prestig…
Antiques in Malindi

Nafisa Store

Look no further for pieces of Africana, vintage furnishings, antiques and – let's be honest – plain old junk. This is definitely one of the most eccentric and interesting stores in Malindi.
Market in Nairobi

Wednesday Maasai Market

The Wednesday location of the busy, popular Maasai market.
Market in Nairobi

Thursday Maasai Market

The Thursday location of the popular Maasai craft market.
Market in Nairobi

Friday Maasai Market

The Friday location of the busy, popular Maasai market.