• Toilets vary from pits (quite literally) to full-flush, luxury conveniences that can spring up in the most unlikely places.
  • Nearly all hotels sport flushable sit-down toilets, but seats in cheaper places may be a rare commodity – either they’re a prized souvenir for trophy hunters or there’s a vast stockpile of lost lids somewhere…
  • Public toilets in towns are almost equally rare, but there are a few slightly less-than-emetic pay conveniences in Nairobi if you’ve only got a penny to spend.
  • In upmarket bush camps you may be confronted with real toilets or a long drop covered with some sort of seating arrangement.
  • Things are less pleasant when camping in the wildlife parks. Squatting on crumbling concrete is common.
  • When trekking it’s good practice to take soiled toilet paper out of the park with you (consider carrying sealable bags for this purpose).