Shela restaurants

Top Choice Fusion in Shela


We're still waxing lyrical about our last meal at this amazing restaurant. Choose between global offerings, such as tuna ceviche, Philly cheese steak sandwich and BBQ fish, or get your fill of mostly Italian dishes,…
Top Choice Fusion in Shela

Kijani Restaurant

On the premises of Kijani Hotel, this excellent new restaurant has a daily changing menu that combines fresh local ingredients with global influences. Go on, treat yourself to Tahitian-style fish, miso-grilled auber…
Seafood in Shela

Stopover Restaurant

There are waterfront restaurants all over the place, but the Stopover’s friendly staff and excellent grub (of the spicy Swahili-seafood sort) make it a cut above the competition, particularly the seafood curries. Gr…
Kenyan in Shela

Luq Tabassam Cafe

This craft-shop-cum-cafe serves the tastiest samosas in Lamu – spicy, flavourful triangles with vegetable, prawn or meat filling. Wash them down with a tamarind juice.
Kenyan in Shela

Sea Suq

Casual little cafe that serves good samosas and other snacks, and more substantial mains such as Swahili pizzas and seafood, chicken or mutton biriyani.
Kenyan in Shela

Rangaleni Café

The best of the Shela cheapies. Hidden away in the alleys behind the shorefront mosque, this tiny greeny-turquoise cafe does the usual stews and ugali (a staple made from maize or cassava flour, or both).