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Getting There & Away

There is usually at least one public boat daily from Lamu to Mtangawanda (KSh200, two hours). Some boats continue to Faza (KSh250, another two hours) and Kizingitini (an additional KSh150, another hour), also stopping at the mouth of the channel to Siyu (KSh100), where small boats transfer passengers to shore. Boats leave from the main jetty in Lamu Town. Times depend on the tides, but it can be tricky finding out when they go, as everyone you ask will tell you something different! It’s normally around one or two hours before high tide. At research time, boats were leaving around 4am both from Lamu and Paté.

Coming back from Paté, there is usually one daily boat from Mtangawanda and another that originates in Faza and calls at Mtangawanda, where the crew play 'How Many People Can You Fit In One Boat'. The journey can be cramped and life jackets absent.

A bunch of matatus (minibuses) meet the boats and run to Paté Town (KSh100), Siyu (KSh150), Faza (KSh200) and other villages.