Northern Kenya restaurants

Top Choice Kenyan in Marsabit

Saku Guest House

The restaurant on the 2nd floor of the Saku Guest House is spotlessly clean and bright. The menu (yes, there is an actual menu!) is varied and has the most choice of any restaurant in the area. We recommend the King…
Kenyan in Lodwar

Nawoitorong Guest House

Burgers and toasted sandwiches join local curries and various meaty fried dishes on the menu, all served in an open-air boma on the large grounds. It offers the most pleasant dining experience in the region, but giv…
Kenyan in Marsabit

JeyJey Centre

Inside the popular hotel of the same name, JeyJey serves local favourites as well as the odd curry. Take a good book to read while your food is prepared, particularly if you order anything out of the ordinary.
Kenyan in Maralal

Coast Dishes

While the atmosphere is far from coastal, this place, run by a couple from the sultry coast, offers daily dishes such as pilau – it's made with goat rather than fish or chicken, but it will still whet your appetite.
Kenyan in Marsabit

Five Steers Hotel

With a wooden fenced-off terrace, this place is the height of Marsabit style. There is no menu, so just ask what the special is for the day. The owner is a good source of information on onward transport.
Kenyan in Isiolo

Bomen Hotel

A rare place serving more than the local usuals, with fried tilapia (Nile perch), pepper steak, goulash and curries up for grabs. Has an attached bar with comfy couches and cheap beer.
Kenyan in Lodwar

Salama Hotel

The most popular place in the town centre. The culinary highlight of the Salama has to be its giant bowl of pilau. There’s always a crowd of people here waiting for buses to depart.
Kenyan in Moyale

Prison Canteen

Set up just outside the prison for the staff, this canteen offers ample room to eat nyama choma (barbecued meat) and drink slightly warm beer surrounded by locals.
Kenyan in Maralal

Pop Inn Hotel

This zebra-striped building has decent Kenyan staples and is popular with locals.
Kenyan in Loyangalani

Cold Drink Hotel

Not just cold drinks but also, according to locals, the finest eating experience in all of Turkana country, which sadly might actually be true. It's a bit of an institution as it was the town's first hotel, so it's …