Tourist Information in Ferguson’s Gulf

Kenya Wildlife Services

The KWS site can organise boats to Central Island (KSh15,000), Sibiloi (KSh30,000) and South Island (KSh80,000). There is also a makeshift campsite on the grounds if you need to stay the night (KSh1000 per person).
Tourist Information in Loyangalani

KWS Headquarters

The local KWS office can arrange boats to South Island National Park (KSh20,000 round-trip). If you are planning on staying the night, you will have to negotiate a price for the return journey.
Post in Lodwar

Post Office

If there was any out-of-the-way place to send a postcard, this is it. Your friends will be jealous! Though do note that Lodwar does not actually sell postcards, so a letter will have to do.
Internet in Loyangalani

Naring'oi Women Group Internet Kiosk

If you need the internet, this is your only option. Located in a small building near Malabo Resort.
Police in Lodwar

Lodwar Police Station

If you have a worst-case scenario, the police station is open 24 hours and the station commander speaks excellent English.
Hospital in Lodwar

Lodwar District Hospital

The local hospital has X-ray facilities and a pharmacy. It's not too busy, but don't expect it to be a quick visit.
Bank in Maralal

Kenya Commercial Bank

Behind the market, with an ATM, but it can be a bit stroppy when presented with foreign Visa cards.
Bank in Maralal

Equity Bank

A more reliable 24-hour ATM than that at KCB.
Medical in Maralal

Maralal Medical Clinic

Small clinic with dishevelled facilities on Maralal's main road.
Bank in Lodwar

Kenya Commercial Bank

Has an ATM and changes cash and travellers cheques.