North Coast shopping

Top Choice Fashion & Accessories in Kilifi

Kilifi Design Collective

Right next to the Wild Living Cafe on the southern outskirts of Kilifi, this excellent shop showcases the wares of four local, ecofriendly Fair Trade designers and cooperatives: leather bags, purses, clutches and be…
Top Choice Art in Lamu Town

Baraka Gallery

This upmarket gallery is the place to come if you're a serious Africana collector. There are pieces from all over the continent and beyond, from affordable Kenyan belts with Maasai bead embroidery to ceremonial Yoru…
Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Malindi

Our Shop

We really wish it were our shop, stocked as it is with cowrie-studded Congolese and West African carvings and masks to tempt collectors. Some great affordable and unusual fashion accessories, too, in the shape of cl…
Top Choice Fashion & Accessories in Kilifi


This home-run design store of international reputation is located near the southern edge of Kilifi Creek. You'll find stylish leather bags adorned with Maasai-style beading (from KSh9000), clutches and purses (from …
Fashion & Accessories in Kilifi

Wild Living

Stock up on baobab oil, moringa powder, charcoal briquettes for the barbecue and – why not? – hats made from soft Ugandan bark at this innovative eco-shop that's been incorporated into the namesake cafe on the edge …
Arts & Crafts in Lamu Town

Old Town Art & Crafts

This is a good place to shop for prints and paintings, handbags made from recycled materials, woven sisal bags and small Kenyan masks. The ebony woodcarvings of animals are best avoided as it's an endangered wood, o…
Arts & Crafts in Shela

Baraka Gallery

Some beautiful, high-end masks from Central and West Africa of interest to serious collectors, plus more affordable items such as beautiful cutlery, jewellery and handbags embroidered with cowrie shells.
Jewellery in Malindi


The main thing here is an extensive collection of antique silver jewellery from Lamu. Dig around, and you can also pick up some antique compasses and sextants, some malachite items and carvings.
Gifts & Souvenirs in Malindi

Mizizi Ya Afrika

This boutique take on a souvenir shop sells some beautiful carved calabashes, bowls, carvings from West Africa and Zanzibar, masks and jewellery. Smaller branch next to Uhuru Park.
Jewellery in Lamu Town

Slim Silversmith

The most charismatic of the local silversmiths is a chap called Slim, whose silversmith shop sells beautiful rings created from ancient cuttings of coloured tiles.