Top things to do

Castle in Njoro

Egerton Castle

If you want to muse on lost love and where it goes, visit Egerton Castle on the outskirts of Njoro. A replica of Tatton Hall in England, the castle was constructed between 1938 and 1954 by Lord Maurice Egerton – who…
Workshop in Njoro

Kenana Knitters

What began as a hobby for three ladies knitting under a tree now employs more than 1200 local people and exports all over the world. The knitters use plant and flower dyes – including beetroot and dahlia – and susta…
Sports Bar in Njoro

Njoro Country Club

It's worth stopping by to see who's propping up the bar at this old-fashioned country club. There's an ancient pool table, a piano, television, outdoor tables and a golf course. Simple meals are on offer and it's ge…
Grill in Njoro

Ribs Butchery

Brightly painted Ribs Butchery does all the usual nyama choma (barbecued meat) options and is the pick of numerous such places along the main road.