Nairobi in detail

Nairobi is known for


It may seem like a bit of a misnomer to look for wildlife in one of the largest and busiest cities in Africa, but Nairobi has some wonderful sights where wildlife takes centre stage.

Nairobi National Park There's considerable novelty in watching lions and one of Kenya's most accessible rhino populations with skyscrapers not far away.

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust You can watch baby elephants being bottle-fed and sponsor an orphaned elephant.

Giraffe Centre Enjoy the rare pleasure of feeding Rothschild giraffes while knowing that the centre has turned things around for the species.

Nairobi Safari Walk Get up close and personal with a range of species on the cusp of the national park.

Snake Park Take the chance to see Kenya's formidable array of reptiles in the grounds of the museum.

Kenyan Food

As a magnet for people from all over Kenya, Nairobi is something of a catch-all for the varied cuisines found across the country.

Carnivore It may not serve up exotic meats like it used to, but the range of expertly barbecued options is still impressive.

Olepolos Country Club There are few more Kenyan gastronomic obsessions than barbecued meat, and here it comes with views.

Ranalo Foods Fish from Lake Victoria is the centrepiece of this Luo-run restaurant serving specialities from western Kenya.

Malindi Dishes Spicy coastal Swahili cuisine dominates this simple but enduringly popular canteen.

Al-Yusra Enjoy camel meat and other halal dishes from the country's Somali community and the north.

Amaica Here you can taste Kenyan dishes from around the country.

Haandi Restaurant This has long been a favourite of Nairobi's Indian community – the food is excellent.

Kenyan Culture

Nairobi is a big, brash place that can seem a world away from Kenya's fascinating traditions. But if you know where to look, the city can be a fine place to get your cultural exploration of the country started.

National Museum One of East Africa's best museums, with a fine history section and intriguing tribal stories.

Bomas of Kenya Performances and traditional architecture from around the country make this a cultural-immersion experience.

Karen Blixen's House & Museum Kenya's colonial story is nowhere more evocatively told than in this Out of Africa relic.

Lord Delamere Terrace & Bar One of the true landmarks of white Kenya's picaresque past.

African Heritage House Not all of the exhibition comes from Kenya, but some of it does and the results are stunning.

Quiet Corners

Nairobi can feel a little overwhelming at times, so busy are its streets and so constant its noise. But there are places where you can escape for some much-needed peace and quiet.

Nairobi National Park Get away from the park entrance and soak up the silence.

Uhuru Park Take a daytime stroll in this environmental landmark and green oasis downtown.

Kenyatta International Conference Centre Escape the clamour and look down on Nairobi from 29 floors up.

Karen Blixen Coffee Garden This lovely garden setting is the essence of tranquil Karen.