Nairobi in detail


Nairobi is one of East Africa's cultural capitals. There's so much to see and do here that can take you beyond a tourist's superficial understanding of the country. Live music is a much-loved part of the Nairobi night, while theatre and cultural performances are also highlights.

Finding Out What's On

For information on entertainment in Nairobi and for big music venues in the rest of the country, get hold of the Saturday Nation, which lists everything from cinema releases to live-music venues. There are also plenty of suggestions in the magazine Going Out. Wh@t's On Nairobi ( is another good resource.

One cool way to tap into what's happening is to rummage around on Kenya Nights Events (, where you'll find info on hipster hangouts, the hottest electronica venues, DJ events and entry points into Nairobi's thriving underground music scene. Its Twitter feed ( is also good.