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Drinking & Nightlife

Locals love Nairobi's nightlife and you probably will, too, once you escape the clutches of the ubiquitous sports bars. Such a massive city naturally has plentiful opportunities for hedonistic nights out, and Westlands is generally the best neighbourhood for having a good time. If you take a taxi door to door, security is less likely to be an issue.

Coffee Culture

Western cafe culture has hit Nairobi and been seized upon enthusiastically by expats and residents pining for a decent cup of Kenyan coffee, most obviously at the now-ubiquitous Java House outlets (a kind of Kenyan Starbucks). All such cafes offer at least some form of food, whether it’s a few cakes or a full menu, but none serve alcohol.

Where to Drink

There are plenty of cheap but very rough-and-ready bars around Latema Rd and River Rd, although these places aren’t recommended for female travellers; even male drinkers should watch themselves. There are some safer watering holes around Tom Mboya St and Moi Ave, and some restaurants and hotels are fine places for a drink.

Out in Westlands and Karen, the drinking scene brings in a lot more expats. Dress smart casual out here. Wherever you go, foreign women without a man in tow will draw attention. Due to the high number of female prostitutes, men will generally get the bulk of the hassle.

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Drinking & Nightlife

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