Kenyan shilling (KSh)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than US$100

  • Hostel bed: US$10–20
  • Street food or meal in local restaurant: US$2–5
  • Matatu (minibus) fares: US$1–6

Midrange: US$100–200

  • Double room in midrange hotel: US$50–150
  • Admission to major attraction/Nairobi National Park: US$10/43
  • Taxi fares: US$5-15

Top end: More than US$200

  • Double room in top hotel: US$150 and up
  • Meal in top-end restaurant: US$20–50
  • Taxi with driver for sightseeing: from US$50


As a general rule, bargaining is expected in markets and street stalls, especially those that sell handicrafts aimed at tourists. It is sometimes possible to negotiate a discount for taxis (especially if chartered for a set period) and accommodation (depending on the season), but this varies from one place to the next. Most other prices are usually fixed.


Money is easily available throughout the city from guarded ATMs accepting international credit and debit cards. There is also no shortage of money-changing offices.

Banks & ATMs

Virtually all banks in Nairobi have guarded ATMs. Barclays has the most reliable machines for international withdrawals, with a large network of ATMs across the city. They support MasterCard, Visa, Plus and Cirrus international networks. Standard Chartered and Kenya Commercial Bank ATMs are also generally reliable, but some still only accept Visa cards. Postbank is the local Western Union agent.







Money Changers

Nairobi's private exchange offices offer slightly longer hours and shorter queues than the banks.

Cosmos Forex Bureau

Goldfield Forex

Travellers Forex Bureau

UAE Exchange