Mombasa restaurants

Top Choice Indian in Mombasa

Shehnai Restaurant

This reputable mughlai (North Indian) curry house is popular with the local Indian community and does delicious dishes such as gosht palakwalla (lamb with masala and spinach) and a superb chicken biryani. The staff …
International in Mombasa

Urban Street Food

This textbook hip, yellow-walled place with an industrial vibe in central Mombasa does several things few other local establishments do, including great coffee, small plates of hummus, juicy burgers and gorgeous fre…
Kenyan in Mombasa

Island Dishes

Once your eyes have adjusted to the dazzling strip lights, feast them on the tasty menu at this very popular Swahili restaurant. Mishikaki (marinated, grilled meat kebabs), chicken tikka, fish with coconut, mkate ma…
International in Mombasa

Forodhani Restaurant

A very welcome addition to the Old Town dining scene, Forodhani has an appealing terrace overlooking the ocean. The menu is a crowd-pleasing, extensive list of Swahili and Indian dishes such as beef mishikaki (marin…
Indian in Mombasa

Singh Restaurant

A great Indian restaurant steeped in Mombasa history: the owner first opened the doors in 1962 to serve arriving and departing railway passengers. The decor is plain, but your tastebuds won't notice. Even things tha…
Seafood in Mombasa

The Fort

Right opposite the entrance to Fort Jesus, Mombasa's main sight, this excellent restaurant is an obvious place for a meal after your visit. The speciality here is local seafood cooked in a variety of Swahili sauces,…
Swahili in Mombasa

New Recoda Restaurant

The legendary, decades-old Moi Ave eatery has migrated to a new location, but the shish kebabs are as flavourful as ever. The coconut prawns and fruit juices also get high marks.
Market in Mombasa

Main Market

Mombasa’s dilapidated ‘covered’ market is packed with stalls selling fresh fruit and vegetables. Roaming produce carts also congregate in the surrounding streets, and dozens of miraa (twigs and shoots that are chewe…
Sandwiches in Mombasa

Blue Room

There's nothing to bring on the blues at this cheap-and-cheerful fast-food (well, sometimes) diner. On the menu, there's a long list of sandwich options, plus wood-fired pizzas (the chicken tikka option goes down we…
Cafe in Mombasa

MN Kafe

This smart and cool cafe serves up great breakfasts, but as it doesn't open until 9am it's not much use to early risers! However, if you can wait until then, the pancakes, French toast and waffles are all great. At …