Mombasa in detail

Getting Around


The Likoni ferry connects Mombasa island with the southern mainland, so if you want to head to Diani Beach or any points south of there, you have to take the ferry unless you want to travel hours out of your way.

There’s a crossing roughly every 15 minutes between 5am and 12.30am, and hourly outside these times. It’s free for pedestrians and cyclists, KSh150 per car, KSh190 per 4WD and KSh270 for a pick-up or big safari jeep. To get to the jetty from the centre of town, take a Likoni matatu (minibus) from Digo Rd. Do also note that there can be long waits at rush hour on this route, so plan your trip accordingly.

Car & Motorcycle

Glory Car Hire is a reliable local choice for car and motorcycle rental. Cars with drivers can also be arranged for as little as KSH3500 per day.

Matatu, Taxi & Tuk-tuk

Matatus (minibuses) charge between KSh30 and KSh50 for short trips. There are also plenty of three-wheeled tuk-tuks about, which run from about KSh50 to KSh200 for a bit of open-air transit. These two are the main forms of transport in Mombasa.

Taxis are expensive and hard to find. Ask your hotel to call one for you. Assume it’ll cost KSh2500 from the train station to the city centre.