Top Choice Museum in Mombasa

Fort Jesus

This Unesco World Heritage treasure is Mombasa’s most visited site. The metre-thick walls, frescoed interiors, traces of European graffiti, Arabic inscriptions and Swahili embellishment aren’t just evocative, they’r…
Historic Buildings in Mombasa

Old Town

This doesn't have the medieval charm of Lamu or Zanzibar, but it's still an interesting area to wander around. The houses are characteristic of coastal East African architecture, with ornately carved doors and windo…
Market in Mombasa

Spice Market

This market, which stretches along Nehru and Langoni Rds west of Old Town, is an evocative, sensory overload – expect lots of jostling, yelling, wheeling, dealing and, of course, the exotic scent of stall upon stall…
Gallery in Mombasa

Old Law Courts

Dating from 1902, the old law courts on Nkrumah Rd have been converted into an informal gallery, with regularly changing displays of local art, Kenyan crafts, school competition pieces and votive objects from variou…
Mosque in Mombasa

Khonzi Mosque

One of the more modern Islamic buildings in Mombasa.
Mosque in Mombasa

Mandhry Mosque

Mandhry Mosque in Old Town is an excellent example of Swahili architecture, which combines the elegant flourishes of Arabic style with the comforting, geometric patterns of African design – note, for example, the ge…
Church in Mombasa

Holy Ghost Cathedral

The Christian Holy Ghost Cathedral is a very European hunk of neo-Gothic buttressed architecture, with massive fans in the walls to cool its former colonial congregations.
Temple in Mombasa

Lord Shiva Temple

Mombasa’s large Hindu population doesn’t lack for places of worship. The enormous Lord Shiva Temple is airy, open and set off by an interesting sculpture garden.
Temple in Mombasa

Swaminarayan Temple

The Swaminarayan Temple is stuffed with highlighter-bright murals that’ll make you feel as if you’ve been transported to Mumbai.
Church in Mombasa

Mombasa Memorial Cathedral

This cathedral tries almost too hard to fit in, resembling a mosque with its white walls, arches and cupola.