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Bus & Matatu

Matatus serve Nyahururu (KSh500, three to four hours), Rumuruti (KSh300 to KSh400, 2½ hours) and Wamba (KSh500, 3½ hours). For Nairobi you need to change in Nyahururu. Reaching Isiolo involves staying overnight in Wamba to catch the early-morning southbound matatu.

There are buses too, which look like they're crossed with a tank, heading to Baragoi (KSh500) at around 11am every morning. As there is still no regular transport north from there, it's more pleasant to wait in Maralal for something heading further north. Maralal Safaris is able to book onward bus travel and sometimes has connections to trucks heading north.

Most local transport leaves from the main roundabout.

Car & Motorcycle

The 130km drive from Nyahururu to Maralal along the C77 is bumpy but straightforward, despite the tarmac running out just before the Mugie Conservancy (we do hope you said goodbye, because you won’t see it again any time soon). Punctures on this route are common, and don’t be at all surprised to see large groups of elephants, giraffes and zebras racing your vehicle along the edge of the road. Fuel up, as petrol and diesel aren't readily available until South Horr.


Waits for trucks to Loyangalani (KSh1000 to KSh1500, nine to 12 hours), on the shore of Lake Turkana, might last from a few days to a week. Start asking around as soon as you arrive in town and remember that while breaking the truck journey in Baragoi or South Horr may seem like a good idea, you might have to wait for a week before another truck trundles through. After rain you can expect prices for all transport to rise.