Top things to do in Maralal to Turkana's Eastern Shore

National Park in Loyangalani

South Island National Park

Designated a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1997, this 39-sq-km purplish volcanic island is completely barren (minus some rock art) and uninhabited, apart from large populations of crocodiles, venomous snakes and …
National Park in Maralal to Turkana's Eastern Shore

Sibiloi National Park

A Unesco World Heritage Site, Sibiloi is located up the eastern shore of Lake Turkana and covers 1570 sq km. It was here that Dr Richard Leakey discovered the skull of a Homo habilis believed to be 2.5 million years…
Mountain in Loyangalani

Mt Kulal

Mt Kulal (2293m) dominates Lake Turkana’s eastern horizon and its forested volcanic flanks offer some serious hiking possibilities. This fertile lost world in the middle of the desert is home to some unique creature…
Kenyan in Maralal

Coast Dishes

While the atmosphere is far from coastal, this place, run by a couple from the sultry coast, offers daily dishes such as pilau – it's made with goat rather than fish or chicken, but it will still whet your appetite.
Kenyan in Maralal

Pop Inn Hotel

This zebra-striped building has decent Kenyan staples and is popular with locals.
Wildlife Reserve in Maralal

Maralal National Sanctuary

This sanctuary, home to zebras, impalas and other wildlife, once completely surrounded the town. Today it only covers a small patch of land around what's left of the Maralal Safari Lodge. The lodge closed down sever…
Museum in Loyangalani

Loyangalani Desert Museum

Standing on a bluff above the lake several kilometres north of town, this museum covers the history and cultures of northern Kenya. The rooms contain lots of photo-heavy displays, but it’s seriously overpriced. Open…
Kenyan in Loyangalani

Cold Drink Hotel

Not just cold drinks but also, according to locals, the finest eating experience in all of Turkana country, which sadly might actually be true. It's a bit of an institution as it was the town's first hotel, so it's …