Malindi in detail

Flights & getting there



Malindi Airport has up to four daily flights to Nairobi (from US$47 one way, one hour) with Airkenya, Fly540 and Fly-SAX (, and a daily flight to Lamu (from US$59 one way, 25 minutes) with Fly540.

Bus & Matatu

Bus-company offices are found opposite the old market in the centre of Malindi. The main bus companies are Tahmeed, Tawakal and Simba Coaches, and they all run services to Lamu, Mombasa and Nairobi (via Mombasa).


There are usually at least six buses a day to Lamu (around KSh1000, but this can rise in periods of high demand, five to six hours). They depart from Mombasa around 7am and 9am and swing by their Malindi offices around 9am and 11am. Tawakal is the biggest and most reliable operator.


There are numerous daily buses and matatus (minibuses) to Mombasa (bus/matatu KSh450/500, two hours), departing from the New Malindi Bus Station. During periods of high demand, fares can rise to KSh700.


All the main bus companies have daily departures to Nairobi, via Mombasa, at around 7am and/or 7pm (KSh900 to KSh3200, 12 to 14 hours).


Matatus (minibuses) to Watamu (KSh150, one hour) leave from the not-very-new New Malindi Bus Station on the edge of town.