Malindi attractions

Top Choice Canyon in Malindi

Marafa Depression

One of the more intriguing sights inland from the north Kenyan coast is Hell’s Kitchen or Nyari (‘the place broken by itself’). About 30km northeast of Malindi, it’s an eroded sandstone gorge where jungle, red rock …
National Park in Malindi

Malindi Marine National Park

The oldest marine park in Kenya covers 213 sq km of powder-blue fish, organ-pipe coral, green sea turtles and beds of Thalassia seagrass. If you’re extremely lucky, you may spot mako and whale sharks. Unfortunately,…
Landmark in Malindi

Vasco da Gama Pillar

More impressive for what it represents (the genesis of the Age of Exploration) than the edifice itself. Erected by the Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama as a navigational aid in 1498, the coral column is topped by a…
Museum in Malindi

Malindi Museum

Part of the Malindi Historic Circuit, this moderately interesting museum has some displays on underwater arachaeology along the Kenyan coast. Upstairs, you can delve into the world of the nine Mijikenda tribes that …
Church in Malindi

Portuguese Church

This thatched-roofed church gets its name because Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama is reputed to have erected it in the 15th century, and two of his crew are supposedly buried here. It’s certainly true that St Fran…
Pier in Malindi

Malindi Pier

This long tongue flicks out into the Indian Ocean. It's a low-key highlight of a stroll along Mama Ngina Rd. On weekends, families wander arm-in-arm and kids dress up and pose in makeshift photo studios.
Historic Building in Malindi

House of Columns

This building is a good example of traditional Swahili architecture and contains a peculiar exhibit on marine ecology – on the first and only coelacanth ever to turn up in Malindi waters.