The Journey from South Horr

Travelling north from South Horr, the scrub desert suddenly scatters and you’re greeted by vast volcanic armies of shimmering bowling-ball-sized boulders, cinder cones and reddish-purple hues. If this arresting and barren Martian landscape doesn’t take your breath away, the first sight of the sparkling Jade Sea a few kilometres north certainly will.

As you descend to the lake, South Island stands proudly before you, while Teleki Volcano’s geometrically perfect cone lurks on Turkana’s southern shore. Since you've probably pulled over for the moment, looking for your swimming kit, we thought we’d warn you that Turkana has the world’s largest crocodile population.

El Molo Villages

The El Molo tribe, which is one of Africa’s smallest, lives on the lake shore just north of Loyangalani in the villages of Layeni and Komote. Although outwardly similar to the Turkana, the El Molo are linguistically linked to the Somali and Rendille people. Unfortunately, the last speaker of their traditional language died before the turn of the millennium. Visiting their villages (KSh1000 per person, negotiable) is something of a circus and you shouldn't expect to see many people traditionally dressed.