Top things to do in Lamu Town

Top Choice Museum in Lamu Town

Lamu Museum

The best museum in town (and the second best in Kenya) is housed in a grand Swahili warehouse on the waterfront. This is as good a gateway as you’ll get into Swahili culture and that of the archipelago in particular…
Top Choice Art in Lamu Town

Baraka Gallery

This upmarket gallery is the place to come if you're a serious Africana collector. There are pieces from all over the continent and beyond, from affordable Kenyan belts with Maasai bead embroidery to ceremonial Yoru…
Top Choice Cafe in Lamu Town

Whispers Cafe

You know how sometimes you just need that escape into the world of magazines and fresh pastries? Welcome to Whispers. For a real cappuccino, light meals, mega juices and smoothies, or the best desserts in town, this…
Top Choice Fusion in Lamu Town


Particularly strong when it comes to seafood dishes and slightly set back from the waterfront, this is the best restaurant in town. Feast on the likes of fish tacos with mango salsa, ginger crab with coconut rice an…
Wildlife Reserve in Lamu Town

Donkey Sanctuary

A man without a donkey is a donkey, claims one Swahili proverb. Or, as the staff of this sanctuary might tell you, a man who doesn’t look after his donkey is a donkey. With around 3000 donkeys active on Lamu, Equus …
African in Lamu Town

Olympic Restaurant

The family that runs the Olympic makes you feel as if you’ve come home every time you enter, and their food, particularly the curries and biriyani, is excellent. There are few better ways to spend a Lamu night than …
Arts & Crafts in Lamu Town

Old Town Art & Crafts

This is a good place to shop for prints and paintings, handbags made from recycled materials, woven sisal bags and small Kenyan masks. The ebony woodcarvings of animals are best avoided as it's an endangered wood, o…
Jewellery in Lamu Town

Slim Silversmith

The most charismatic of the local silversmiths is a chap called Slim, whose silversmith shop sells beautiful rings created from ancient cuttings of coloured tiles.
Fortress in Lamu Town

Lamu Fort

This squat castle was built by the Sultan of Paté between 1810 and 1823. From 1910 right up to 1984 it was used as a prison. It now houses the island’s library, which holds one of the best collections of Swahili poe…
International in Lamu Town

Bush Gardens Restaurant

This place is a backpacker institution, though food isn't quite as good as it's supposed to be. The large portions of biriyani, grilled fish and other offerings, including ‘monster crab’ and the inevitable lobster i…