Must see attractions in Lake Victoria

  • Top ChoiceSights in Kisumu

    Kisumu Main Market

    Kisumu’s main market is one of Kenya’s most animated markets and certainly one of its largest – it spills out onto the surrounding roads. If you’re curious, or just looking for essentials such as suits or wigs, it’s worth a stroll around.

  • Sights in Mbita & Rusinga Island

    Tom Mboya’s Mausoleum

    A child of Rusinga, Mboya was one of the few Luo people to achieve political success. He held a huge amount of influence as Jomo Kenyatta’s right-hand man and was widely tipped to become Kenya’s second president before he was assassinated in 1969. His tomb and a small museum dedicated to his life are on the island’s north side. The inscription on his tombstone begins 'Go and fight like this man…'. To get there from the causeway and Rusinga town, take the right-hand road at the junction and, after around 12km, take the road off to the right with the sign pointing to Kolunga Beach. Turn right again about 50m later, continue straight for around 700m and, at the junction with the small sign to the museum, go right. It's the bullet-shaped (which symbolises the bullet that killed him) building in front of you. Entry is by donation – KSh200 should be enough. There are no set opening hours but the caretaker's usually around daylight hours and will quickly turn up to show you around.

  • Sights in Kisumu

    Ndere Island National Park

    Gazetted as a national park in 1986, this 4.2-sq-km island has never seen tourism take off. It is forested and very beautiful, housing a variety of bird species, plus occasionally sighted hippos, impalas (introduced) and spotted crocodiles, a lesser-known cousin of the larger Nile crocodiles. There's nowhere to stay and, although twice-daily matatus reach the shore just opposite the island, your only reliable option to get to Ndere is with chartered boats. Expect to pay around KSh16,000 to KSh20,000 for a half-day trip. Chartered boat trips can be arranged with any of the boat captains offering sightseeing trips from Hippo Point.

  • Sights in Mbita & Rusinga Island

    Mbasa Island

    Also known as Bird Island, Mbasa is home to a wide variety of wetland birds, including long-tailed cormorants (which have a breeding colony here), fish eagles, marsh harriers and little white egrets. Bird concentrations are thickest at sunset, when birds return to roost. To get here you’ll need to arrange a boat with a local fisherman or ask at the Wayando Beach Club Eco Lodge; expect to pay between KSh4000 and KSh7500 per boat.

  • Sights in Kisumu

    Kisumu Museum

    The town museum is fairly old fashioned, but includes a lot of information. It's best enjoyed with a guide, who can give you more background on the three sections. The first covers western Kenya’s three principal linguistic groups: Luo, Bantu and Kalenjin. The second is a traditional Luo homestead. The last section is a small and rather sad aquarium displaying creatures from the lake and a reptile house holding examples of all the local snakes you don’t want to meet. Guides can be arranged at the entrance. They're free but a tip (count on around KSh200 to KSh300) is always appreciated.

  • Sights in Kisumu

    Impala Sanctuary

    On the road to Dunga, this 1-sq-km sanctuary is home to a small impala herd and provides important grazing grounds for local hippos. In addition to the impala, there are cages of other Kenyan antelope and monkeys, but frankly it's an awful lot of money to pay for what is essentially a small zoo. It's difficult to see the purpose of the sanctuary – there are no endangered or protected species here.