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Getting There & Away

Matatus, buses and Peugeots are grouped by destination, and spread in and around the main bus and matatu park. Matatus run from different points in the scrum. Those to Eldoret and Nairobi leave from the other side of the main road, the departure points for Kapenguria and Marich Pass are right next to each other, while those to Kisumu and Kakamega are a further block west.

Regular matatus run to Endebess (KSh100, 45 minutes, change here for Mt Elgon National Park), Kapenguria (KSh150, 45 minutes, change here to continue north to Marich), Eldoret (KSh250, 1¼ hours), Kakamega (KSh250 to KSh300, 2½ hours) and Kisumu (KSh500, four hours).

Most bus companies have offices around the bus station and serve Eldoret (KSh250, one hour), Nakuru (KSh750, 3½ hours), Nairobi (KSh1000, seven hours) and Lodwar (KSh1600, 8½ hours) each day.

Easy Coach runs to Nairobi (KSh1350, seven hours) via Nakuru (KSh850, six hours) at 8.30am and 8pm.