Top things to do in Kisumu

Top Choice International in Kisumu

Green Garden Restaurant

Surrounded by colourful murals and potted palms, the Green Garden is an oasis of culinary delight set in an Italian-themed courtyard. As you would expect, it's an expat hotspot and the word is that the tilapia in sp…
Top Choice Market in Kisumu

Kisumu Main Market

Kisumu’s main market is one of Kenya’s most animated markets and certainly one of its largest – it spills out onto the surrounding roads. If you’re curious, or just looking for essentials such as suits or wigs, it’s…
National Park in Kisumu

Ndere Island National Park

Gazetted as a national park in 1986, this 4.2-sq-km island has never seen tourism take off. It is forested and very beautiful, housing a variety of bird species, plus occasionally sighted hippos, impalas (introduced…
Market in Kisumu

Kibuye Market

Come past the huge Kibuye Market on any quiet weekday and you’ll find it as empty as a hyena’s heart, but visit on a Sunday and it transforms into a blossoming spring flower of colour and scents.
Live Music in Kisumu


With live music most nights, this is the place to see Lingala music performed by Congolese bands. Be prepared for mellifluous rhythms and a fair bit of gyrating, shaking and sweating.
Bar in Kisumu

Social Centre

Tucked behind the main matatu stage, this club is big on ohangla (Luo traditional music) with the odd Kiswahili hip-hop tune thrown in for good measure.
Museum in Kisumu

Kisumu Museum

The town museum is fairly old fashioned, but includes a lot of information. It's best enjoyed with a guide, who can give you more background on the three sections. The first covers western Kenya’s three principal li…
Zoo in Kisumu

Impala Sanctuary

On the road to Dunga, this 1-sq-km sanctuary is home to a small impala herd and provides important grazing grounds for local hippos. In addition to the impala, there are cages of other Kenyan antelope and monkeys, b…
International in Kisumu

The Laughing Buddha

The Laughing Buddha has a limited menu (made even more so by the fact that half the items probably won't be available) of pastas, pizzas and chips in dozens of different flavours, which will likely come as a surpris…
Cafe in Kisumu

Juiz Parlour

You name it and they’ll stick it in a blender and pulverise the bejesus out of it. The pumpkin-and-beetroot juice looked foul so we shared a very special moment with a mango-and-pineapple combo instead.