Kisumu in detail

Flights & getting there


Fly540, Jambo Jet and Kenya Airways offer daily flights to Nairobi (50 minutes). Fly540 also flies to Eldoret.

Shiva Travels and Zaira Tours & Travel are good for airline ticketing and hotel reservations.


Ferry services to Tanzania and Uganda haven’t resumed. That said, there are always plans in the works, so ask around.

Bus & Matatu

Buses, matatus and Peugeots (shared taxis) to numerous destinations within Kenya battle it out at the large bus and matatu station just north of the main market. Peugeots cost about 25% more than matatus.

Easy Coach offers the smartest buses out of town. Its booking office and departure point are in the car park just behind (and accessed through) Tusky's Shopping Centre. It has daily buses to Nairobi (KSh1400, seven hours, every couple of hours), Nakuru (KSh800, 4½ hours, every couple of hours) and Kampala (KSh1500, seven hours, 1.30pm, 1.30am and 10.30pm).

Matatus from Kisumu

BusiaKSh300–3702 hr
EldoretKSh450–5002½ hr
Homa BayKSh3003 hr
IsebaniaKSh7004 hr
KakamegaKSh2001¾ hr
KerichoKSh3502 hr
KisiiKSh3502 hr
KitaleKSh5004 hr
NairobiKSh700–10005 hr
NakuruKSh6003½ hr


Despite having a beautiful old train station, Kisumu's station hasn't seen a locomotive pull in for years. In the wake of the successful Nairobi–Mombasa rail project, there are medium-term plans to expand the line to Kampala, with a branch line between Naivasha and Kisumu.