Top things to do in Kilifi

Top Choice Natural Feature in Kilifi

Vuma Cliffs

Just outside the village of Takaungu, you fly on the back of a motorbike down dirt roads, past spiky fields of sisal and giant baobabs towering above maize crops. Abruptly, the land ends in jagged black coral cliffs…
Top Choice Fashion & Accessories in Kilifi

Kilifi Design Collective

Right next to the Wild Living Cafe on the southern outskirts of Kilifi, this excellent shop showcases the wares of four local, ecofriendly Fair Trade designers and cooperatives: leather bags, purses, clutches and be…
Top Choice Seafood in Kilifi


We're still dining out on our last memory of dinner at Nautilus. This Swiss-owned restaurant offers fine, romantic dining with gorgeous views over the water and a warm welcome. The wine is good, the oysters are even…
Top Choice Fashion & Accessories in Kilifi


This home-run design store of international reputation is located near the southern edge of Kilifi Creek. You'll find stylish leather bags adorned with Maasai-style beading (from KSh9000), clutches and purses (from …
Beach in Kilifi

Bofa Beach

Bofa Beach is a wide slash of white sand, with swaying palms and rolling Indian Ocean surf. It's the stuff of which fantasies are made. A path to the left of Kilifi Bay Beach Resort takes you there.
Ruins in Kilifi


The partly excavated, atmospheric ruins of the Swahili city of Mnarani are high on a bluff just west of the old ferry landing stage on the southern bank of Kilifi Creek. The best-preserved ruin is the Great Mosque, …
Juice Bar in Kilifi

Felix Unique Collections

Felix Unique Collection might not be what we would name our juice bar if we had one – especially if we wanted to make it into an acronym – but the blender geniuses here turn out fantastic avocado, passion-fruit, tam…
International in Kilifi

Distant Relatives Restaurant

Even if you're not staying here, join your distant relatives for dinner at this great, laid-back eatery atop Kilifi Creek. We rate the bacon-and-avo sandwiches, the beetroot-and-hummus veggie bowls and the steaks. F…
Seafood in Kilifi


Jetties and boats, fresh crab and fries, salty air…there's nothing better than a long, lazy meal at the Boatyard, especially when it involves fresh oysters (oyster night is Saturday), fish and chips or full English …
Creek in Kilifi

Kilifi Creek

This might be the only place where we wouldn't mind being up the creek without a paddle. It's just gorgeous, from the cliffs jutting up out of the water, to the hermit crabs scooting along the shoreline. Boat hire c…