Top ChoiceSeafood in Kilifi


We're still dining out on our last memory of dinner at Nautilus. This Swiss-owned restaurant offers fine, romantic dining with gorgeous views over the water and a warm welcome. The wine is good, the oysters are...

International in Kilifi

Distant Relatives Restaurant

Even if you're not staying here, join your distant relatives for dinner at this great, laid-back eatery atop Kilifi Creek. We rate the bacon-and-avo sandwiches, the beetroot-and-hummus veggie bowls and the...

Seafood in Kilifi


Jetties and boats, fresh crab and fries, salty air…there's nothing better than a long, lazy meal at the Boatyard, especially when it involves fresh oysters (oyster night is Saturday), fish and chips or full...

Cafe in Kilifi

Wild Living Cafe

The picnic tables under the trees and the welcoming interior of this makuti (thatched-roof of palm leaves) cafe entice travellers to break their journey here and indulge in some barbecued meats, paninis, cakes,...

Kenyan in Kilifi

Kilifi Members Club

Atop a cliff on the edge of the bay, this restaurant/bar has the best location in Kilifi. Unfortunately, not all of the staff seem so thrilled to be here. But never mind that; chow down on some good chicken...

Supermarket in Kilifi


The Kenyan supermarket chain has a large-ish Kilifi store that sells plenty of self-catering supplies.