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Eco-tistical: The Best Green Projects on the Coast

Distant Relatives, a backpackers and ecolodge in Kilifi, is an ecosystem in its own right, with a beautiful garden that serves as the basis for permaculture projects. Beds are made from neem trees, mattresses are stuffed with cotton from kapok trees and coat hangers are made from empty wine bottles. Permaculture design courses, taught by big East African names, are held here frequently, covering everything from grafting to composting toilets. The ecolodge does a great deal to support the local community, offering traditional Swahili meals with local families, supporting local seamstresses and more.

Wild Living conservation centre is a beautiful 53-hectare conservancy on the outskirts of Kilifi. It serves as a training centre for farmers interested in eco-charcoal production and aloe farming. The shop and cafe can arrange tours of the site.