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Getting There & Away

Most buses and matatus operate from the main stand in the town’s northwest corner, while those heading south and west (such as to Kisii and Kisumu) leave from the Total petrol station.

Matatus to Kisumu (KSh300, 1½ hours), Kisii (KSh300, two hours), Eldoret (KSh400, three hours) and Nakuru (KSh300, two hours) are frequent. The odd Peugeot also serves these destinations, but costs about 25% more.

Easy Coach offers the best buses, but its office, and departure point, is inconveniently located out of town, opposite the Tea Hotel and inside the Libya petrol station. It has buses to Nairobi (KSh1100) throughout the day, as well as frequent buses to Nakuru (KSh550) and Kisumu (KSh500).