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Getting There & Away

Coming from Marsabit, the road winds down off the mountains and sinks into a mass of black lava rocks. Slowly the land becomes ever more barren until finally you hit the blank expanse of the Chalbi Desert, which is featureless, sandy and blisteringly hot. It’s a spectacular ride through a clutter-free world, where the only signs of life are occasional camels heading to the wells in the bustling village of Maikona. Don’t drive this route without a heavy-duty 4WD and an experienced local guide. The C82 road splits roughly 85km north of Marsabit – it's a quicker route to turn left onto the E670 rather than continue straight on the C82.

Buses stop at Kalacha every other day on their way between North Horr (KSh700) and Marsabit (KSh500).