Checking flights...


At the time of research, the Isiolo International Airport had opened though it was not yet fully operational. Some passenger flights were slated to be available from Nairobi in late 2017. The airport is also supposed to eventually offer international flights to Somalia and South Sudan.

Bus & Matatu

Most of the bus companies serve Nairobi (KSh600, 4½ hours), with buses generally leaving between 5.30am and 6.30am from outside their respective offices on the main road through town. They also stop at the matatu and bus stand just south of the market.

Evening buses operated by Liban Buses creep north to Marsabit (KSh500, five hours, 4.30pm). Moyale Star Buses race like the wind – or perhaps a gentle breeze – to Moyale (KSh1500, 10 hours, 1.30pm) via Marsabit (KSh750, five hours).

For Maralal, take an early-morning matatu to Wamba (KSh350, 2½ hours) and then a Maralal-bound matatu (KSh500, 2½ hours) from there. Regular matatus leave from a chaotic stand around the market and also serve Archer’s Post (KSh130 to KSh150, 25 minutes), Meru (KSh150, 1½ hours) and Nanyuki (KSh250, 1¾ hours).

Car & Motorcycle

Isiolo long marked the northern terminus of the sealed road system, but now a new Chinese-built road extends all the way to Moyale. If you are just travelling to Marsabit or Moyale, a 4WD is not necessary, but is required if you are planning to veer off the highway towards Lake Turkana or one of the parks.

There are reliable petrol stations in town – be sure to fill up your tank before moving on.