National Park in Samburu, Buffalo Springs & Shaba National Reserves

Samburu National Reserve

The most popular park in northern Kenya, Samburu's dominant feature is the Ewaso Ngiro River, which slices through the otherwise bone-dry country. The river acts as a magnet for thirsty animals, and large numbers...

National Park in Isiolo to Moyale

Marsabit National Park

This small park, nestled on Mt Marsabit’s upper slopes, is coated in thick forest and contains a wide variety of wildlife, including leopards, elephants (some with huge tusks) and buffaloes. The dense forest...

National Park in Samburu, Buffalo Springs & Shaba National Reserves

Shaba National Reserve

Shaba, with its great rocky kopjes (isolated hills), natural springs and doum palms, is more physically beautiful than the nearby national reserves of Samburu and Buffalo Springs. It is also much less visited, so...

Wildlife Reserve in Isiolo to Moyale

Kalama Community Wildlife Conservancy

Eight kilometres north of Archer’s Post, and abutting the northern boundary of Samburu National Reserve, is this 384-sq-km wildlife conservancy, which opened in 2004. Although the conservancy is home to Grevy’s...

Village in Archer’s Post

Umoja Village

There are a number of Samburu villages in the area that welcome paying visitors. Probably the best one is Umoja, which was originally founded as a refuge for abused women and has now budded into a viable village...

National Park in Samburu, Buffalo Springs & Shaba National Reserves

Buffalo Springs National Reserve

The twin sister of Samburu National Reserve, which sits on the opposite, northern side of the river, Buffalo Springs has a wide variety of animals, including lots of elephants, but surprisingly few safari-goers,...

Wildlife Reserve in Marsabit

Shurr Community Conservancy

Established in 2013, and immediately to the east of Marsabit, this conservancy has a lot of potential and there's more wildlife around here than many people realise, though there are currently no visitor facilities.