Hell's Gate National Park attractions

Canyon in Hell's Gate National Park

Hell’s Gate Gorge

The gorge that runs through the heart of the park is a wide, deep valley hemmed in by sheer, rusty-hued rock walls. Marking its eastern entrance is Fischer’s Tower, a 25m-high volcanic column which can be climbed wi…
Canyon in Hell's Gate National Park

Lower Gorge

Rising from the main gorge’s southern end is the large Central Tower, an unusual volcanic plug. A picnic site and ranger’s post are close by, from where a walk descends into the Lower Gorge (Ol Njorowa). In some pla…
Cave in Hell's Gate National Park

Obsidian Cave

Close to the Elsa Gate end of the Buffalo Circuit, a side track leads for 2km to the Obsidian Cave, where you’ll find moderately interesting examples of the glassy black rock so characteristic of Rift Valley lava fl…