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Getting There & Away

The turn-off for Eliye Springs is signposted a short way along the Lodwar–Kalokol road. The gravel is easy to follow until it suddenly peters out and you’re faced with a fork in the road – stay left. The rest of the way is a mix of gravel, deep sand and even deeper sand, which can turn into a muddy nightmare in the wet season. Over the really bad sections, locals have constructed a ‘road’ out of palm fronds, which means that on a good day, normal cars can even make it here (though expect to do a bit of pushing and shoving). There is also a route to Eliye Springs that goes by the Lodwar District Hospital, but only take this route if you are with a local and in a 4WD. Petrol is only available in Lodwar, so make sure you have a good supply before heading to Eliye Springs or Ferguson's Gulf.

There is also an airstrip close to the water. Contact Eliye Springs Resort for more information on chartering a plane from Lodwar Airport (US$160 per person).

If you don’t have your own vehicle, you can usually arrange a private car and driver in Lodwar for about KSh7000, including waiting time, or hop on the back of a boda-boda (bike taxi) for KSh1500. If you are staying overnight, you'll have to arrange transport back to Lodwar for roughly the same amount.