Availability It’s difficult, although by no means impossible, for foreigners to find jobs in Kenya. The most likely areas in which employment might be found are in the safari business, teaching, advertising and journalism. Except for teaching, it’s unlikely you’ll see jobs advertised, and the only way you’ll find out about them is to spend a lot of time with resident expats. As in most countries, the rule is that if a local can be found to do the job, there’s no need to hire a foreigner.

Disaster work The most fruitful area in which to look for work, assuming that you have the relevant skills, is the ‘disaster industry’. Nairobi is awash with UN and other aid agencies servicing the famines in Somalia and South Sudan and the refugee camps along the Kenyan border with those countries. Keep in mind that the work is tough and often dangerous, and pay is usually very low.

Paperwork Work permits and resident visas are not easy to arrange. A prospective employer may be able to sort out the necessary paperwork for you, but otherwise you’ll find yourself spending a lot of time and money at the Nairobi immigration office.