Petrol Station in Embu

Shell Petrol Station

Buses on their way to Nairobi and Mombasa usually stop at the Shell petrol station and, if not full, will pick up passengers. There is no set schedule, but we were told buses arrive roughly every hour. If you are in…
Bus Stop in Nyeri

Lower Bus Stand

If you are heading south or east, come to this bus stand south of town. Grab a bus to Nairobi (KSh500, 2½ hours) or Thika (Ksh300, two hours). It can be a bit manic, and the prices do fluctuate depending on who you …
Airline in Nanyuki

Tropic Air

Charter-helicopter and light-aircraft services from Nanyuki's airport. Can sort custom flights to various game parks. The cheapest is a two-person flight to Lewa Wildlife Conservancy for US$470.
Bus Station in Nyahururu

Bus & Matatu Station

This busy and congested station is located behind the market walls. There are several small ticket booths with city names as you enter – head straight to these to purchase your tickets rather than the small army of …
Bus Station in Meru

Bus & Matatu Stand

This is the main bus stand in Meru – head here if you want a comfortable journey back to Nairobi or a city on the way. If you are looking for more of an adventure or more remote places, head to the matatu stand.
Bus in Nanyuki

Bus & Matatu Stand

This stand services all major locations in the region. Have a look at the signs on top of the buses and matatus for the final destination, as well as the price, rather than haggling with the touts.
Bus in Nyeri

Local Matatus

You will not be hassled at this bus stand, though these matatus only service local areas around Nyeri to which the (vast) majority of tourists would not need to go.
Bus Stop in Meru

Matatu Stand

Matatus head north from here. There are services to Nairobi, but these are less frequent than at the bus and matatu stand.
Bus Stop in Nyeri

Upper Bus Stand

Buses heading north or to the west depart from here. Destinations include Nanyuki (KSh250, one hour), Nyahururu (KSh350, 1¼ hours) and Nakuru (KSh550, 2½ hours).
Car Hire in Nanyuki

Aber Travels

This company rents 4WDs (from KSh14,000 per day) and smaller cars to self-drivers for single or multiday trips.