Amboseli National Park in detail


While most lodges have spa and/or massage treatments, the main activity is watching wildlife, with at least one lodge offering night-time wildlife drives (expect others to follow suit in the future). Most lodges also offer short nature or birdwatching walks within their properties and other activities such as tree planting.

Wildlife Watching

The park's permanent swamps of Enkongo Narok, Olokenya and Longinye create a marshy belt across the middle of the park; this is where you’ll encounter the most wildlife. Elephants love to wallow around in the muddy waters and you’ve a good chance of seeing hippos around the edge. For really close-up elephant encounters, Sinet Causeway, which crosses Enkongo Narok near (Normatior) Observation Hill, is often good; climb Normatior for fine views. The surrounding grasslands are home to grazing antelope, zebras and wildebeest, with spotted hyenas, cheetahs and lions sometimes lurking nearby; there's a reasonably reliable hyena den signposted northeast of the hill, which all the guides know about.

Birdlife is especially rich in these swamps when the migrants arrive in November.

If you’re taking the road that runs east across the park to the Kimana Gate, watch for giraffes in the acacia woodlands; this is the best place inside the park for giraffe-spotting. We've also had excellent luck out here with cheetahs and lions.

At the time of writing, Ol Tukai Lodge was the only place offering night drives (US$80 per person) and only to guests staying at the lodge.