Top things to do in Aberdares

National Park in Aberdares

Aberdare National Park

Herds of wildlife thunder over an open African horizon, elephants emerge from a thicket of plants and the mysterious black rhino munches tranquilly on leaves. This is Aberdare National Park, packed with 300m-high wa…
International in Nyeri

Green Hills Hotel

The full buffet here (when numbers permit) is an impressive piece of work, with some tasty mixed-grill options done up in a satisfyingly fancy fashion. Steaks are tender and come sizzling on a platter with a good mi…
Museum in Nyeri

Baden-Powell Museum

Lord Baden-Powell, the founder of the Boy Scout Association, spent his last three years at Paxtu cottage in the Outspan Hotel, where this museum is located. The ultimate scoutmaster’s retirement was somewhat poetic:…
Viewpoint in Aberdare National Park

Karura Falls Lookout

The lookout gives a breathtaking view of the 50m waterfall dropping down through the forest. If you are short on time, enter via the Mutubio West Gate, which is roughly 8km from the lookout. It's a fairly easy 20-mi…
International in Nyeri


Pretty much anything you want to eat (well, anything Kenyan or Western) from pizza to nyama choma is available and cooked passably well here. You may want to avoid the fresh juice as it has tap water added to it.
Kenyan in Nyeri

Rayjo’s Café

This tiny canteen is usually packed with customers, including bus and matatu drivers, notoriously good judges of cheap places to eat. Emphasis on fish (mostly tilapia) and chips.
Cemetery in Nyeri

Baden-Powell’s Grave

The scoutmaster’s grave is tucked behind St Peter's Church, facing Mt Kenya and marked with the Scouts trail sign for ‘I have gone home’. His more famous Westminster Abbey tomb is, in fact, empty.
Supermarket in Nyeri

Samrat Supermarket

This is the best-stocked supermarket in town.