To trek within the park requires advance permission from the warden at park headquarters, who may (depending on where you plan to walk) insist on providing an armed ranger to guide and protect you against inquisitive wildlife (KSh2000/4000 per half/full day).

The Northern Moorland and its four main peaks (all 3500m to 4000m) are excellent trekking spots; the tallest mountain in the park is Ol Donyo Lesatima (4000m), a popular bag for those on the East African mountain circuit. Between Honi Campsite and Elephant Ridge is the site of the hideout of Mau Mau leader Dedan Kimathi, who used these mountains as a base; many of his companions learned the ropes of jungle warfare fighting in Burma in WWII.

On the Kinangop Plateau, from the dirt track that connects the Ruhuruini and Mutubio West gates, it is possible to walk to the top of Karura Falls and watch Karura Stream slide over the rocky lip into the 272m abyss. Weather permitting, you may be able to make out the misty veil of Kenya’s tallest cascade, the Gura Falls (305m), in the distance. Unfortunately, there are no tracks to Gura Falls or the base of Karura Falls. You can, however, visit the far smaller Chania Falls further north.