Aberdare National Park in detail

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Right Royal Connections

Trivia for royal-philes: Treetops isn’t actually the spot where Princess Elizabeth became Queen Elizabeth II. Yes, Liz was sleeping in Treetops when George VI died in 1952, but in 1954 Mau Mau guerrillas blew the original lodge to twigs. Three years later, a much larger rendition was built on the opposite side of the waterhole. ‘Every time like the first time’, goes the Treetops slogan, and we agree: sleeping here feels like travelling back to the day that the 25-year-old Elizabeth went to bed a princess and awoke a queen.

Fifty-eight years later, another young lady, this time a commoner, answered ‘yes’ to a question that will eventually see her crowned the Queen of the Commonwealth. On the verandah of a small log cabin, high on the flanks of Mt Kenya, Prince William asked Kate Middleton to be his wife. Under the guise of fishing on Lake Alice, William and Kate travelled to the remote Rutundu cabins, where he popped the big question. And so it is that while the fishing trip was a complete failure, Prince William still managed quite the catch.